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Specialty Beverage Solutions - The right equipment solutions to grow your business.

Specialty Beverage Solutions

The experts in providing the right commercial coffee, beverage and food service equipment to grow your business

Premier global foodservice manufacturer and supplier to some of the largest brands and facilities in the food industry.   Helping people enjoy fresh, appetizing meals the way they were intended remains one of our top priorities today.

FWE is relied upon every day to deliver meals efficiently, safely and kitchen-fresh at leading hotels, QSRs, fine dining restaurants, institutions and schools that provide foodservice and require durability and menu flexibility.

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Electrolux Professional
Electrolux Professional is the OnE trusted partner making your work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day.

Whatever your business is, we will turn it into the most sustainable experiences in Food and Laundry over a lifetime.

With sustainability at heart, we are leading the way in designing full and integrated solutions that deliver high productivity, lowest lifecycle costs, and are the most easy to use, to maintain and to service.


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